Delivery FAQ

Are there any prohibited parcels/items?

-Yes. Flammable or hazardous goods will not be transported,however,we do transport alcohol. No drugs or illegal substances.

All contents must be disclosed. On non-disclosure, the party at fault is liable for any damage caused.

Where does the liability of customers goods lie?

AIRND holds no liability for any loss,theft or damage of transported goods, unless due to the gross negligence of AIRND related parties.

How does the communication work regarding my courier delivery?

AIRND will be in constant contact regarding all aspects of activities related to:

pickup/delivery locations/ and any changes thereof

Are there any surcharges?

Surcharges apply to the following:

-Incorrect addresses given.

-Change of delivery time.

-Change of delivery location during transit of package/s.

-Cancellation fee. (A cancellation notice of 2 days must be given).

Are there limits to the package sizes and weights?

Yes, the weight limit way not exceed 10kg.

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