Moving Forward

In light of the current government restrictions,the operations of Airnd will continue as follows:
-All Airnd services will be suspended until Thursday 26th Mar to prevent any panic purchases.(Orders that have already been placed will still be delivered)
-Once reopened, We will only be taking orders up until 12pm limited to a specific amount of orders per day.
-To further prevent the ordeal of panic buying, each customer will be limited to a quantity of 2 units per item.
-A further restriction of a R1300 purchase cap will be placed on all orders.
-Airnd operating hours will be shortened to 9am-4pm.
-All errands will be limited to the Midstream and surrounding area(i.e services such parcel collections, post office services and retail purchases will be suspended until further notice).
Please note that every restriction was put in place to protect the well being of the customer as well as the country as a whole. Now is not the time to panic but to rationalize and adopt a sense of care among us all.
If you have any questions,please do not hesitate to email us at
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