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10400 mAh Mini UPS Backup Power Supply for Wifi Router and Support POE - Black

10400 mAh Mini UPS Backup Power Supply for Wifi Router and Support POE - Black

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Are you still troubled by power outages?

Turn off everything including your router suddenly, and your phone battery will die. Time becomes slow and tedious.

This large-capacity backup power supply will solve these problems.

This 10400mAh mini UPS is perfect for power outages, and if connected to an outlet, it will automatically turn on once the power goes out.

This powerful 18W multi-voltage UPS will keep multiple of your devices powered and running during a power outage. Transferring to UPS during a power outage is instantaneous.

Over-current and short-circuit protection give you complete peace of mind.


Zero Transition: In the absence of power, this power supply ensures that your device continues to provide power for normal operational use (zero millisecond transition).
Multi-voltage output: It can provide backup power for 5V/9V/12V devices.
Charge your phone: The USB port provides 5V output, allowing you to charge your phone.
POE Support: Use network cables to easily transfer data and power your phones, cameras and other devices.
Large capacity battery: Built-in 10400mAh lithium battery. Long battery life will meet your various usage needs.
Intelligent protection: with overload and short circuit protection.
Wide Input Voltage Range: The built-in adapter allows a wide AC voltage range of 85~265V.
LED Status Indicator: You will see the battery level clearly.
Wide application: routers, modems, cordless phones, CCTV, time recorders, network cameras, etc.


-Standard AC/Main 220v input

-4X built-in high-capacity lithium battery

-Built in surge protection

-5/9/12v dual DC socket output for most devices

-Typical connections: Both router + fiber ONT devices

-5V USB output for charging phones and similar devices

Precautions before use:

You must check the nominal operating voltage, current and polarity of the device, then select the port voltage as the corresponding load voltage, and finally connect the device.

What's in the box

1 x 10400 mAh mini UPS

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