Braai Lamb Chops Farmer's Crisps 125 g

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Our Farmer’s Crisps are locally grown and produced by farmers from the Rooi Karoo area. The Richter farm in the Piketberg area visits surrounding farms in Clanwilliam, Ceres and the Sandveld and carefully select the best varieties for Farmer’s Crisps.

These potatoes are then washed, sliced and fried in a canola – maize oil blend, sprinkled with flavourings and prepared to exact recipes before being gently packed and shipped to stores.


  • 125 g
  • Halaal
  • Farmer’s Crisps



  • Made With Care: Every crisp is made with the planet in mind. Waste water is used for irrigation, waste product becomes compost and waste oil is processed into biodiesel.

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