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Caramel Swiss Roll Trifle 700g

Caramel Swiss Roll Trifle 700g

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We'veLayered mini caramel swiss rolls, under a decadent caramel mousse, then topped it with white chocolate mousse swirls for the ultimate pick-me-up.


  • Without turning the dessert upside down, remove the sticker from the base of the container to reveal an opening.
  • ToLoosen the dessert, run a hot knife around the edges.
  • Place the container over an invertedglass tumbler or food can, pushing downgently to de-mould the dessert.
  • Place dessert onto a cake stand or serving plate of choice andgarnish as desired,
  • All that'sLeft for you to do, is finish it by hand with your choice of toppings. May we suggest nutty caramel shards and caramel sauce? 



  • 700g
  • Made with cream
  • Made with free range eggs
  • Halaal
  • Suitable for home freezing
  • Keep refrigerated
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