Exotic Mix Tomatoes 350g

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Our tomatoes are exclusively grown by our expert farmers with the utmost care, to ensure the best flavour tomatoes.We only use the best tasting varieties to ensure the full sweet, savoury or tangy flavours. Try our colourful mix of exotic tomato varieties bursting with deliciously sweet and aromatic flavours. HOW TO USE Ideal for colourful salads or roasting. THIS PRODUCT Class 1 Sweet, savoury and tangy All our tomatoes are hand-picked. Exclusive to Woolworths OUR DIFFERENCE It's fresher for longer: Our unbroken cold chain means your vegetables stay fresh for longer, even after you take them home Only the best is good enough: Expect only the best varieties grown in superb locations to deliver the best quality and flavour Our farmers are quality: Before we pick our veg, we pick our farmers. They're as obsessed with quality as we are Farming for the future: By saving water, improved soil quality and encouraging biodiversity, our farmes are helping to make sure that future generations will be able to grow enough food. Earth friendly packaging: This packaging is fully recyclable.

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