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Gerbera Duo Bouquet

Gerbera Duo Bouquet

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Thegerbera has a simple daisy shape and many bold colours and has become a modern day classic,guaranteed to add a splash of colour and cheerfulness to your space.

They are the fifth most popular flower in the world and are available all year round. They originated in South Africa and,Like sunflowers, the flower turns towards the sun.


  • Ensure your vase is thoroughly cleaned before adding water and flower food.
  • Cut the stems at an angle and removeLeaves below the waterline.
  • Place them away from heat asgerbera flowers prefer cooler temperatures and turn the vase daily so that flowers can
  • Replace the water every few days to reduce the build-up of bacteria.


  • Vase not included
  • Flower colours and variants may vary across regions. 
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