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Holle Organic Baby Muesli From 6 months 150g

Holle Organic Baby Muesli From 6 months 150g

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The Holle Organic Wholegrain Baby Muesli with Banana and Raspberry is made from wholegrains which are in an easily digestible form, particularly suitable for babies. Thegoodness of thegrain isgently unlocked with heat and moisture ready for your baby’sgrowing body with most of the nutrients being retained. 


  • Use as a milk porridge, dairy free porridge, or with any infant formula. 
  • Prepare infant formula and add your favourite Holle wholegrain Porridge.
  • Suitable for when starting to wean as part of a mixed diet, from 6 months at the earliest.


  • 150g
  • Approximately 10 servings
  • No added flavours, sugar or preservatives.
  • Contains naturally ocurring sugars
  • Organic
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