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Hth Ultra Clear 2l

Hth Ultra Clear 2l

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Keep your pool sparkling clean with this Ultra Clear formula that kills and prevents algae fromgrowing, it also has added sparkle clarifier to ensure your pool water stays clearer forLonger.

  • Kills and prevents algae
  • Added sparkle clarifier
  • Clears water


1. Check and correct pHLevels. 2. Backwash the filter. 3. With the pump on the filter position, add 1 bottle of HTH Ultra Clear Duo to the pool. 4 The following morning, brush down the walls of the pool. 5. In the case of severe algae, shock treat in the early evening with 3 cups of HTHgranular or 1 sachet of HTH Shock It. 6. Continue with normal filtration and chlorination
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