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Red Espresso Rooibos Capsules 10 x 16g

Red Espresso Rooibos Capsules 10 x 16g

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Redespresso® is the award-winning espresso made from pure Rooibos tea. It is famous on café menus all over South Africa and is the perfect choice as a naturally caffeine-free alternative to coffee. 



  • Make all of your favourite red espresso® drinks easily at home with our capsules. 
  • A red cappuccino or redLatte, add 160ml steamed milk (dairy alternative) to 1 capsule.
  • A fresh red iced tea, add 140ml fruit juice and ice to 1 capsule. 
  • A red espresso orLungo, add 40ml or 110ml water to 1 capsule
  • Add it as a booster shot to your morning smoothie.


  • 10 capsules
  • 100% pure rooibos tea
  • Great alternative to coffee
  • Compatible with Nespresso® domestic machines
  • redespresso®
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