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Rose Bush in 14 cm Potcover

Rose Bush in 14 cm Potcover

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Our potted roses will bring colour to any room or patio and is agood alternative to cut roses. With the correct care, potted roses willLast aLong time and can re-flower. 

Aqua stick inside - An aqua stick is a simple watering solution for house plants. This self-watering system andLocally designed pot helps achieveLongerLasting hydration for your plants. Just keep the reservoir filled with water so the system does not run out.


  • The most important factors to keep in mind when caring for potted roses are:
  • Sufficient water - potted roses have shallow roots and therefore need to be watered regularly, but never over-watered. 
  • Air movement - if there is not enough air movement, the roseLeaves will turn yellow and drop. Remove the kraft cover to improve airflow.
  • Light - Keep in bright, filtered sunlight in summer. Can be exposed to morning or afternoon sun in cooler months.
  • Fertiliser - Roses are heavy feeders and need to be fed every second week with Universal Plant Food.


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