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Skip Intelligent Perfect Whites Auto WashingLiquid 1.5L

Skip Intelligent Perfect Whites Auto WashingLiquid 1.5L

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Skip Intelligent Perfect Whites Auto automatic washingLiquid has an intelligent formulation that helps prevent white andLight fabrics from yellowing orgoinggrey. Fibre Protect™ technology penetrates deep into the fabric, so it cleans in a better and new way, smoothing and aligning fibres so stains and dirt wash away more easily. WashingLiquids do notLeave a residue and do not clumpLike washing powder.



  • Add one cap of Skip AutomaticLaundryLiquid to the detergent compartment in your topLoader washing machine or frontLoader washing machine.
  • Do not apply directly to fabrics.
  • ThisLaundry detergent dissolves completely andLeaves no residue.
  • Don't forget to check your clothing item careLabel for more information on taking care of specific fabrics and items. 
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