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Swiss Chard Spinach 200g

Swiss Chard Spinach 200g

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Our Swiss Chard Spinach is hand cut and deveined. Ideal to microwave, steam, stir-fry or boil. Serve with white sauce or cheese sauce.

  • Rinse before use


  • It's fresher forLonger: Our unbroken cold chain means your vegetables stay fresh forLonger, even after you take them home
  • Only the best isgood enough: Expect only the best varietiesgrown in superbLocations to deliver the best quality and flavour
  • Our farmers are quality: Before we pick our veg, we pick our farmers. They're as obsessed with quality as we are
  • We're farming with tomorrow in mind: We promote healthy soil and use water responsibly - so it's better for you and the planet.
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